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family reuinion

Summertime is a time of reunions, celebrations, barbecues and recreation. Grenada, on Interstate 55 halfway between Memphis and Jackson, offers a great location for family reunions. With 800 hotel rooms, there is room for all. Grenada, known for its fabulous crappie fishing on Grenada Lake, is on the edge of the famed Mississippi Delta and offers a gateway to its rich musical and artistic heritage, colorful history, hunting and fishing excursions and more.

Need help organizing these adventures with fun and comfort for all interests and ages? Make First & Green your family reunion headquarters. We know the local folks who offer the best stories and access the best fishing, musicians, and local craftsmen. Relax, and let us arrange for you to create memories that will last forever.

Here are 5 excursions to consider asking us to arrange:


  • Music: The very earth in this area resonates with music. Whether you prefer gospel, rhythm & blues, smooth jazz, country, rock, or classical music, we can arrange for your group to hear it. Enjoy a day trip to Clarksdale for some blues at Morgan Freeman’s famous club Ground Zero. Interested in a more personal setting? First & Green can arrange a concert with musicians playing just for you. When it comes to music, the possibilities are endless.

spider lily

  • Guided tour of ChakChiuma Natural Preserve: The ChakChiuma Natural Preserve is a greenspace along the Yalobusha River, ¼ mile from First & Green. This unusual preserve where the Delta joins the Hills offers kayaking and observation of interesting flora and fauna, some only seen here. Stop and admire the beautiful Spider Lilies or take a stroll on a trail and discover the wonders of nature with local artist Robin Whitfield, who makes her pigments from minerals found here.

Mississippi cotton farm

  • History tours: Grenada’s role in history offers many opportunities, from learning about the Yalobusha Line and Civil War to the 1960’s civil rights actions including the famed march led by Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Joan Baez. More interested in agriculture or engineering? Learn about management of the Mississippi River flood plain and the creation of Grenada Lake or visit a working cotton farm

crappie fishing

  • Barbecue at Grenada Lake: It’s not a family reunion without a barbecue! The lake provides covered pavilions and campgrounds as well as famous fishing opportunities. We can arrange boats for the fishermen, and guided crappie fishing. Then join the family by the Lake to eat your catch and enjoy local barbecue recipes produced by First & Green.


  • Hittin’ the road: There are some spectacular points of interest just a short drive away. Interested in Ole Miss, Elvis or the Grammy Museum? We are delighted to arrange transportation and guided tours to match your tastes. We’re happy to provide delicious snacks for your trip!

Don’t see what you want? Ask us, and we will see to it!

Whatever your family group wants to do, we are here to make it easy, comfortable and unique. Make First & Green your family reunion headquarters, relax and enjoy. Contact us early in your planning process and we can help build a wonderful schedule of events.


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